Dunkin’ Introduces Breakfast Tacos Amidst Fierce Fast Food Rivalry

Discover the details of Dunkin’s latest addition and how it might fare against competitors.

The fast food breakfast battle, featuring classics like McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and Wendy’s French Toast Sticks, just got a new contender. Dunkin’ unveiled its Breakfast Tacos on Wednesday, aiming to capture customers’ hearts with a portable morning meal.

Dunkin’s Breakfast Tacos: Ingredients and Flavors

The tacos consist of a flour tortilla, scrambled eggs, sharp white cheddar cheese, fire-roasted corn, and a splash of lime crema. Patrons can enjoy them as is or add crumbled bacon. In a press release, Dunkin’ mentioned the use of “spring-forward ingredients” like fire-roasted corn, but didn’t specify if they were fresh, frozen, or canned. Regardless, it seems Dunkin’ is jumping the gun on corn season, which typically peaks from May to September.

A Seasonal and Flavorful Offering

Dunkin’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jill McVicar Nelson, stated that the tacos were created with “the vibrancy of Spring in mind” and declared them as “undoubtedly one of the tastiest savory items we’ve launched.” The Massachusetts-based chain’s tacos stand out from traditional Tex-Mex breakfast offerings with their distinctive ingredients and Southwestern flavors. They borrow from the popular Mexican street food, esquites, by incorporating charred corn kernels, white cheese, spices, mayonnaise, and lime.

Competing in the Fast Food Breakfast Arena

With its new Breakfast Tacos, Dunkin’ faces stiff competition from established breakfast players like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Carl’s Jr., as well as regional chains. The menu item is available throughout the day as a breakfast, midday snack, or late-night bite, priced at $2.59 without bacon or $2.99 with the crispy crumbled bacon topping.