A Perplexing Proposal: Medvedev Suggests Hypersonic Retaliation Against ICC

Medvedev’s Explosive Recommendation

In a bewildering turn of events, ex-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev divulged a contentious proposal via Telegram: to pummel the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague with a hypersonic missile. This perplexing notion arose as a rebuttal to the ICC’s issuance of an arrest warrant targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin—accused of war crimes committed during Russia’s tumultuous invasion of Ukraine since February the previous year.

Dissecting International Public Law: Medvedev’s Critique

Medvedev’s disdain for the arrest warrant emanated from his conviction that international public law is plagued by inefficiency.

International Discord: Unjust Decisions Ignored

He posited that nations frequently spurn the rulings and actions of both the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council—deeming them unjust. In his words, equality renders one nation impervious to another’s authority.

Sovereignty, Defeat, and International Judgment

The erstwhile president contended that global judgment of a country is contingent upon one of two conditions: either the nation has relinquished its sovereignty and conceded to the ICC’s jurisdiction, or it has been vanquished in war and capitulated.

Hypocrisy and Inaction: US Involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq

Medvedev evoked US military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq to substantiate his claims. He maintained that despite the United States’ controversial actions, the court’s impotence precluded any meaningful prosecution.

A Cautionary Note: Medvedev’s Veiled Threat

His message culminated in a sinister warning to the court’s members, insinuating the possibility of an aerial assault: “So citizens of the court, carefully look into the sky,” he penned.

The Putin Saga: ICC Warrant and Russia’s Defiant Stance

The Arrest Warrant: Moscow’s Dismissive Reaction

On Friday, the ICC promulgated Putin’s arrest warrant, which Moscow promptly disavowed as inconsequential. Over the past year, Russia has faced a barrage of war crime allegations—each met with staunch denial.

Putin’s Brazen Display: Visiting Mariupol

In an audacious riposte to the arrest warrant, President Putin paid a visit to Russian-controlled Mariupol on Saturday—a city bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict.