A Proclamation and Condemnation

On the occasion of International Transgender Day of Visibility, President Joe Biden vehemently criticized violence and discrimination against transgender and nonbinary Americans. He honed in on the escalating number of Republican-introduced bills that specifically target trans youth.

Thursday saw a presidential proclamation, followed by a forceful statement on Friday, in which Biden underscored “a tsunami of prejudiced state legislation” aimed at trans Americans. He accused “MAGA extremists” of “propelling hundreds of abhorrent and radical state laws that zero in on transgender children and their families.”

Un-American Attacks Must Cease

In his Friday declaration, Biden asserted, “These onslaughts are un-American and necessitate cessation.” Furthermore, he elucidated that bullying, discrimination, and political assaults endured by trans youth contribute significantly to the nation’s mental health epidemic. The President demonstrated his unwavering support for the trans community by accentuating their integral role in fortifying America.

An Unprecedented Legislative Assault on LGBTQ Rights

This year has witnessed an unparalleled quantity of measures in state legislatures seeking to curtail LGBTQ rights. These proposed bills encompass an array of policies, including restricting transgender individuals’ involvement in sports teams or their access to restrooms aligning with their gender identity. Legislation is increasingly honing in on youth and medical care.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), at least 385 bills aimed at LGBTQ rights and queer life have been proposed nationwide as of March 7, surpassing the previous year’s sum of 306.

Rebuking Discrimination and Cruelty

Biden previously decried attempts to limit transgender rights in Florida as “bordering on sinful” and “inhumane.” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona joined the condemnation, chastising the hostility faced by trans youth, especially when politicians endeavor to intimidate transgender students and their families or employ state laws to inhibit self-expression in educational communities.

Commending Transgender Contributions and Equality

In his most recent presidential proclamation, Biden extolled transgender Americans for their diverse contributions to the nation. He maintained that they are entitled to equal rights, encompassing access to healthcare, housing, and employment opportunities, as well as the ability to age with dignity as senior citizens.

International Transgender Day of Visibility, established in 2009 by Michigan-based transgender activist Rachel Crandall, commemorates the achievements of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. It holds profound significance within the LGBTQ community.

CNN’s Donald Judd, Sam Fossum, and Kevin Liptak provided additional information for this report.