Ryan Reynolds, actor and part-owner of Mint Mobile, expressed his pride and gratitude after finalizing a deal worth over £1bn with T-Mobile. He will continue to work with Mint in a creative capacity.

T-Mobile Acquires Mint Mobile

T-Mobile is acquiring Mint Mobile, a budget wireless provider partially owned by Ryan Reynolds, in a cash and stock transaction valued at approximately $1.35bn (£1.1bn). The deal also includes the purchase of Ka’ena Corp, which grants T-Mobile access to Ultra Mobile and wholesale distributor Plum.

Separate Business Unit Under T-Mobile

While these brands already operate on T-Mobile’s network, they will function as an independent business unit. Reynolds, 46, tweeted about his pride and gratitude for having owned and sold a wireless company to T-Mobile.

Reynolds and T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert appeared in a video together, with Sievert expressing his delight in welcoming Reynolds and the Mint team to the T-Mobile family. Reynolds jokingly clarified that he hoped the partnership would be better than a family.

T-Mobile’s Plans for Acquired Brands

T-Mobile will take control of the brands’ sales, marketing, digital, and service operations. The company intends to grow the brands, offering competitive prices and a more extensive device inventory to US customers. Reynolds will stay on at Mint in a creative role.

Sievert emphasized plans to enhance Mint’s digital direct-to-consumer business while applying Mint’s successful marketing strategies to other parts of T-Mobile. He believes that customers will benefit from a more competitive and expansive Mint and Ultra.

Ryan Reynolds’ Other Ventures

Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, another Hollywood actor, took over Wrexham AFC in February 2021, investing £2m in the process. Reynolds referred to the Red Dragons takeover as the “role of a lifetime.” In recognition of their efforts to promote Wales and the Welsh language globally, the duo received a prestigious Dragon Award in November.

The following month, Reynolds and McElhenney met with King Charles and the Queen Consort during a royal visit to Wrexham to celebrate its new city status. The King commended the football club for “putting Wrexham on the map,” while the Queen Consort described the club’s story as “extraordinary.”