Saint Joseph’s Day: A Croatian Celebration of Fatherhood

As the dawn breaks on Saint Joseph’s Day, Croatia joins the chorus of Catholic nations in revering the paternal bond. To fathers near and far, we extend our heartfelt felicitations and hope you relish the moments spent with your little ones during paternity leave.

Delving into Paternity Leave: The Croatian Experience

24Sata graciously offers a glimpse into the Croatian paternity leave landscape since its inauguration on August 1, 2022. According to the Central State Office for Demography and Youth, 12,650 fathers have embraced this opportunity, with 2,301 of them taking leave in January this year alone. As we commemorate Father’s Day, the Office accentuates the significance of equitable parenting and underscores the crucial roles both parents play in a child’s upbringing.

The Indispensable Role of Fathers: A Nation’s Recognition

As we ponder the irreplaceable part fathers play from a child’s infancy, the Office accentuates the Croatian government’s commitment to supporting paternal involvement. Fathers now enjoy 10 to 15 days of paternity leave, depending on whether they welcome twins or multiple children, to be utilized within the first six months of their child’s life. As a testament to the state’s support, parents receive full salary compensation during this time.

Improved Allowances: The Act on Maternity and Parental Benefits

The state has amplified its dedication to parents through the new Act on Maternity and Parental Allowances. This legislation raises the maximum compensation during parental leave to HRK 7,500. In the previous year, 157 fathers took advantage of the maternity leave provision, while 1,988 fathers exercised their right to parental leave.

DADFORCE: Encouraging Employer Support for Engaged Fathers

The pivotal role of proactive employer support cannot be overstated. The DADFORCE standard, awarded to INA for the second consecutive year on Father’s Day, exemplifies the importance of fostering an environment where fathers can flourish. INA proudly reports that 28 percent of its fathers have taken parental leave, a significant increase from the national average of four percent. This achievement is bolstered by INA’s commitment to equal rights for men and women when it comes to sick leave for their children.